Hudbay is invested : in advancing operations opportunities in Peru; in upgrading milling capabilities and enhancing access to copper and gold in Manitoba; and in continuously improving our capacity with respect to the environmental, social and governance factors that drive sustainable growth.

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About Us

Our vision is to be a responsible, top-tier operator of long-life, low-cost mines in the Americas.

Hudbay is a diversified mining company primarily producing copper concentrate (containing copper, gold and silver) and zinc metal. Directly and through its subsidiaries, Hudbay owns three polymetallic mines, four ore concentrators and a zinc production facility in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan (Canada) and Chumbivilcas (Peru), and copper projects in Arizona and Nevada (United States). The Company’s growth strategy is focused on the exploration, development, operation and optimization of properties it already controls, as well as other mineral assets it may acquire that fit its strategic criteria.

Value Creation

Our Business

Hudbay is a copper-focused company, though we benefit from our increasing exposure to gold and welcome the opportunities created by the other metals we mine. Our company was founded in northern Manitoba in 1927, and in the intervening years has demonstrated an exceptional ability for creating value across every stage of the mining lifecycle. We have assets throughout the Americas and are recognized as a dependable operator of long-life, low-cost mines everywhere we operate.

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2020 Financial Performance

2020 was an unprecedented year, but Hudbay still achieved its revised production and operating cost targets, maintaining a record of strong operating and financial performance. In Manitoba and Peru, our teams demonstrated exceptional resilience in creating value for stakeholders in the face of the pandemic challenge. Across our operations, we made key investments to drive future production and look forward to an exciting period of sustained growth.

Key Accomplishments

Achieved 2020 production and unit cost guidance in Peru and Manitoba; Manitoba copper production exceeded the top end of the guidance range, and refined zinc metal production was higher than it has been in over 10 years.

Constancia’s copper production was within the revised guidance range, and the Pampacancha satellite deposit was significantly advanced with the signing of the community surface rights agreement in February and the subsequent completion of the Consulta Previa consultation process.

Manitoba annual gold sales volumes increased by 24% in 2020 compared to the prior year.

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2020 Sustainability Performance

Hudbay believes that continuously improving how we manage the social, environmental and economic risks, impacts and opportunities associated with our activities is critical for our long-term success. Our focus on sustainability helps us meet stakeholder expectations, benefit from positive developments and navigate challenging circumstances. To help ensure that our sustainability efforts remain relevant, we align our activities with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Peter Kukielski joined more than 250 Canadian CEOs in signing the BlackNorth CEO Pledge.

We invested $5 million in support of local communities.

AA ratings received by our Manitoba and Peru business units in the Towards Sustainable Mining assessment of compliance with the Tailings Management Protocol.

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